Giving Back While Getting Away

Travel Done Differently

Kingdom Luxe Travel (KLT) is travel done differently, or as our tagline says, “Giving Back While Getting Away.”

The goal of KLT is simple and in one way the exact same as any travel agency. We desire to book travel needs for any level of traveler, corporation, or anyone that books travel – hotels, motels, cruise-lines, transportation services, resorts, all-inclusive locations, rental cars, room-blocks for events (weddings, corporate, family reunions), destination weddings, you name it – if it is travel and can be booked, we want to book it.

As an FYI, outside of booking with airlines, there is virtually always some sort of commission that is built into travel – either the company keeps that commission or they give it to a travel agency, like KLT. This is where KLT is like other travel agencies.

Now, where KLT is vastly different – 50% of the revenue KLT receives from bookings we give to KLT-approved 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. 50% of revenue, not just profit or some smaller number – half of revenue. That’s different and can be substantial.

We continue to add new charities we work with both here in the United States and abroad and we would love to book your travel and look at charities that are close to your heart.

As we expand the number of charities we work with, it is our strong belief that by educating their own supporters, we will see charities that will receive thousands and, depending on their supporter base, hundreds of thousands of dollars in charitable donations if their supporters use KLT for all travel needs that they can.

If you are an interested party/traveler/charity, click the Contact Us Link at the bottom of this page, fill it out, and we will get back to you quickly to talk about KLT. We look forward to hearing from you, booking your travel and supporting charities worldwide.


Rare, Glamourous, Exotic


On Location, Private Chef, Restaurant Access


Memorable, One-of-a-Kind


Exclusive, VIP


Cultural, Local Happenings


First-Class, Comfortable, Safe


Worldwide, On Demand


Exotic, Romantic, Private


Sailing, Motor, Expedition

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